Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pom Pom Snowman (Christmas Craft for Kids)

It can be difficult to keep the little ones occupied during the holiday season. You want to get them involved in holiday activities, but you also have to make "grown-up" time to wrap gifts, run errands, bake, etc. Carolyn from Homework is here today as part of this month's holiday inspiration series (A Season of Serenity). She has a super cute Christmas craft that the kids can help with! Keep reading to see how she made this adorable Pom Pom Snowman!


Hello! Hello! I’m Carolyn from homework and I’m so happy to be over here at Serenity Now. Today I wanted to share with you a cute holiday craft that can be used for a variety of things. A little pom pom snowman.

To make a pom pom snowman, just make two pom poms, one slightly smaller than the other. If you’ve never made a yarn pom pom, it’s super easy.

Just wind yarn around your hand or a piece of cardboard several times. Slide the yarn off the cardboard or your hand and tie it tightly in the middle. Cut the looped ends on each side and fluff. Now get a pair of sharp scissors and start trimming into a ball shape.

Go slowly, trimming just a tiny bit at a time. Eventually you’ll have a nice fluffy pom pom. Stack the pom pom together with a dab of glue in between.

I made the hat and eyes out of black cardstock and the nose out of orange cardstock rolled into a tiny cone. The buttons are black sequins. You can use your pom pom snowman as an ornament or tie it onto a package to make someone’s gift extra special.

I hope you enjoyed my little holiday craft. Feel free to stop by and visit me over at homework anytime!
And thank you to Amanda for having me over today.
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Thank you, Carolyn!

*You'll find more holiday inspiration for this season at my Christmas series, A Season of Serenity, which is running all December long. The posts are rounded up as each one goes live. I'd love for you to visit!*

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