Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do You Have a Messy Space? (Use it to win $3000 with!)

Most of my Spring Break was spent decluttering, organizing, and cleaning various areas in our home. One of the problem areas was our one and only coat closet. If you live in a small, older home like we do, then you know that storage space is hard to come by. We were wasting ours with all kinds of extraneous STUFF that we didn't need.

Here's a quick Before and After shot ("Before" was actually taken mid-clean up, hence all the stuff on the floor):

I donated or threw away old art supplies, computer software, Christmas greeting cards, mittens missing a name it, I found it in that closet.

It feels so good to open that door and not feel overwhelmed by excess junk. An old printer cart houses some office supplies, up-to-date software, the phone charger, my laptop bag, and a basket of scarves, hats, gloves, etc. The wire shelves on the other side hold file folders, the internet wireless thingie, the camcorder, and a shelf for a few of T's things. 

Do you have a messy space that needs some help? Do you want to spring clean but need a little inspiration? 

How does $3,000 sound to you? is on the hunt to find the Nation's messiest apartment! Messy Apartment

The contest will run from April 2nd to April 23rd. Contestants just have to like the Facebook page at and upload their messiest apartment photo under the contest tab! Their panel of judges will then choose five finalists who have the messiest apartment. Then, they turn the voting over to their Facebook friends! The public will decide from the five finalists who wins the grand prize of $3,000. Not a grand prize winner? Not to worry! Four finalists will each win $500! The winners will be announced on or around April 30th. Sound exciting?

Use the money to clean, buy new apartment goodies, or do whatever you need to give your apartment a facelift!

Head on over now to see if your messy space can pay off in a big way!

What would you do with the $3000?

Disclaimer: has paid me to review their contest and offer my opinion. I only recommend companies or services I believe my readers will enjoy.


  1. It always feel so good to organize a space. It is amazing what we are hanging on to!!

  2. Ah does my messy studio/office that I posted about the other day count? We live in a house that's over 60 years old, closet space isn't too bad but once we add kids to the mix, forget it... Lol!

  3. This is a great contest -- but gosh, I don't know that there's enough money in the world to get me to show people my garage. :D


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