Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Letting My Couch Breathe

So I have this thing where I hate ironing, yet I seem to have copious amounts of clothing that require being hung to dry...or in my head I am scared to put them in the dryer because I have an irrational fear of clothes shrinking. I feel like this is a much better phobia than some of the other phobias out there.

At any rate, we had some new friends over for a play date yesterday morning, and it's always nice to put your best foot forward with new friends and give the appearance that you run an orderly household as opposed to a shack that a band of gypsies is squatting in.

So I was making a mad rush around the first floor (because they better not even think about going up to the second floor), stashing my magazines and Barbies with no clothes and paperwork. The laundry room looked like Monica's "secret closet" from Friends after I moved the enormous pile of "to-be-ironed" clothes from the couch to the laundry room. I did this because I was pretty sure it would not make a good first impression to ask our guests' mom if she wanted to help me iron.

For several hours, the house was looking really nice. Very un-gypsy-like (no offense if you are a gypsy). It was nice to enjoy walking across the family room a few times before it was once again littered with a sea of half-nekkid Barbies.

It occurred to me that I very much like the look of my couch with just pillows and no pile of clothes. It's a very nice look. And so that brings me to explain why there is no recipe or fancy craft made of old forks or a fashion spread today. I am going to attack that pile of ironing and maybe watch Sixteen Candles while I do it.

It's funny how when I let my couch "breathe," I can breathe a little easier too.


  1. hahaha-i have that same irrational fear-i dry very few of my clothes! i would never be organized to iron at one time though-i put them away and iron as i wear-doesn't seem so horrible when i only have to iron 1 or 2 things. thanks for the smile this morning! if we lived closer we could iron together!!!

  2. Couches DO like to breathe, don't they? :)

    I always love pictures of this room--LOVE that banjo hanging on the wall. That just makes me smile.

    I see you have a Haven Maven button up--so are you going??

  3. haha--I think it would be brilliant to ask new guests if they want to help with the ironing. ;)

    (And why is it that Barbies always seem to end up naked?)

    Hope you have a relaxing day just letting yourself--and your couch--breathe! :)

  4. Ironing? What's that?
    Good for you for tackling the pile!

  5. Haha! The fork crafts scare me a little. :-) You get 'em girl! I've got a pile waiting for me at home myself!

  6. I also hate to iron. As in, I NEVER do it. I just throw everything in the dryer! Your couch looks very lovely without a pile of clothes on it. Good luck with all of the ironing. You're in my thoughts with that monumental task at hand! Also, love the reference to Monica's secret closet- one of the best Friends episodes ever! :)

  7. My husband is the ironer...isn't that crazy? He won't cook a meal (or even just make hotdogs) but he cannot stand wrinkled clothes.
    It makes me laugh.
    It also eliminates the pile...I just hang all of his clothes up and he irons as necessary.

    Love the line about gypsy squatters...too funny!

  8. I hate to iron! Seriously hate it...if something needs to be ironed at our house more than likely Jason does it:) I love the reference to Monica's closet! My upstairs {rarely used} guest room is kind of like that!

  9. This is crazy, but I love to iron, especially while I watch a good tv show. Hope you enjoyed 16 Candles and finished every bit of your ironing.

    Our living room always has a nest of books, magazines, blankets, and bowls around each sofa. Mine would probably like to breathe, too.

  10. Oh the iron is my Nemesis! I do however iron every Sunday for the week. I just hate to pay for dry cleaning!

  11. I can't dry anything because I'm a giant! I also need to give my bedroom floor a breather! It's seriously slammed at all times! I actually swallowed my pride and posted a pic. On my blog. It's realllllly bad!

  12. Now THAT is a good idea! I have a HUGE pile of laundry that needs to be folded. I'll watch a good flick tomorrow while I do it!

  13. loved your newest post!. secretly admiring your blog for a while now. so just wanted to pop my lil 2 cents in the comments section for once. i can really relate to your couch needing time to breathe - i think mine does too!. j

  14. I recently went away for the weekend and left my husband alone with the three kids. My biggest fear (ridiculous as it is) was that I was going to come home to a terror of a house and my relaxation would be gone. With my neighbor's help the house looked great when I got here and it changed everything. I felt so refreshed!

    I think I defintiely breathe more easily when the couch is visible and the piles of stuff that so quickly accumulate are gone.

    New friends are a wonderful incentive to make a few changes. And...Sixteen Candles is a fantastic way to kill time while ironing!

  15. I'm with you on ironing - I just can't let hubby go off to work looking like he just rolled out of bed, and in this terrible heat, I am NOT using my dryer. My iron has a safety feature where it shuts off after 30 minutes. Any remaining ironing gets hung back in the washroom til the next week. #0 minutes. That's about my limit...and I love that he and I look great for work. (:


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