Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blogging and Beyond-with The Shabby Creek Cottage

I've got another Blogging and Beyond interview for you today! From time to time, I like to share a little behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of some of my favorite bloggers. It's been really fun to learn about blogging and time management from them!

The blogger we'll be hearing from today is Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage (the blog formerly known as The Shabby Chic Cottage).

Gina is one of the most open, honest, and humble bloggers in the blogosphere. Not only does she run a successful blog, but she owns a highly successful Etsy shop, Shabby Creek Designs. Gina's beautiful homemade creations have graced the pages of magazines! Her kindheartedness and genuine spirit keep readers coming back, not to mention the fabulous DIY projects and tutorials she writes about.

Here's what I learned about Gina in our Q and A session:

1. Why did you start a blog, and what makes you stick with it? 
I started a blog because I'm a writer (like all educated in it and stuff). I wanted to keep a virtual scrapbook of the changes to my childhood home, and since we aren't quite finished (is anyone ever really finished with a house?) then I keep on blogging.

2. What's one piece of advice you wish someone had given you before you started blogging?
Take good photos. If you look at my early posts, the photos are horrible! I almost wish I could go back in time and retake them...of course our house has changed so much that's impossible - but I did learn how to take good photos eventually and I'm so glad I did.

3. The most difficult project you've completed?
Wow! That's a hard one to nail down... Roofing our house was hard physically. Our guest house was probably the most complex. Our kitchen pushed my patience to the limit. So many down, so many to go!

4. Do you enjoy reading books or magazines? 
If so, what do you gravitate to? I LOVE to read! I love Frances Mayes books, Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, as well as Sophie Kinsella and many, many more. I love decorating magazines (of course!) - Country Living and Better Homes and Gardens are my classic faves.

5. Favorite meal to make? 
Anything easy? :) I love food, but typically don't cook much southern food. I like almost anything spicy from Mexican food to hot wings - we just love the heat!

6. What do you look forward to the most about summer? 
I love that I get to spend my summers with my girls now. This is Lala's last one before graduating, so we've been soaking up every single minute we can. We love swimming in the creek, just hanging out on the porch swing - we're kinda boring, now that I think about it!

7. When you have a chance to meet up with girlfriends, what do you like to do?
I meet my two best friends every Friday for lunch. We have a great meal, laugh - vent - whatever the day calls for. No dancing or anything crazy - I really am boring :)

8. Do you have a favorite room in your house? One you'll never show to readers?
Hmm.. that's kinda like picking a favorite kid! Right now I'm loving my porch because we spend so much time there. Doing it all by myself from start to finish was kinda cool, too. Mr. SCC helps out in so many projects, it's nice to have a little DIMyself here and here.

The one I'll never show? The junk room! Well... unless we tackle it one day - but I dunno if I can show the before, it's really bad!

9. Where do you think your love of DIY projects comes from?
I love the sense of accomplishment - as well as the savings. We could never pay someone to do all the work we've done to our house. But we also use the projects as a teaching tool for our girls - they learn a new skill with every project, which teaches them that they really can do anything they set their minds to.

10. Favorite guilty pleasure? 
Coffee is my main vice - does that count?

11. How do you balance blogging with your personal life? 
Since our blog is about our main hobby, it's almost like we work all the time. But, we love it! We've been working on our home for years, we are just blessed enough to get to share it with others.
Thank you so much, Gina, for being willing to chat with us!

If you haven't "met" Gina yet, I hope you'll stop by The Shabby Creek Cottage and let her know I sent you!


  1. Yes, ma'am, Amanda, you're right: Gina is a peach. And when I met her in person at BlissDom, she was just as friendly and approachable in person as I've found her to be online. She is so kind and generous--she seems to have a real sense of the fact that there's plenty of _________ for everyone, so no need to scratch and claw one another to get your share. What's in the blank? You name it: attention, love, all good things. She's the epitome of the win/win kind of mentality that I just love to see in the blogging world!

  2. I love her porch redo so much! And I love that she admits to having a junk room, even if she want share the pics:) I wouldn't share pics of my junk room either!

  3. How have I never checked out her blog??? Fabulous! Thanks for featuring bloggers I may have never found.

  4. It was great getting to hear from Gina.

  5. Great interview, Amanda. I hopped over to Gina's blog - love it!

  6. Great interview as always!! And as one of the ones that gets to have lunch with Gina on Fridays -- she is a gem! :) Matter of fact I had lunch with her yesterday too!! :)

  7. Great interview! I love the Shabby Creek. I'm a daily follower of her inspirational insights. Thanks for sharing! See you in Haven :)

  8. Great interview. I love The Shabby Creek Cottage. Gina's blog is on my list. ; )

  9. It's so much fun to learn more about some of the popular bloggers. I enjoy Gina's blog and it was fun to read her interview.

  10. Thank you so much for having me over today! You are simply too kind :)

    Hugs & Love

  11. Oh dear goodness, you did not say "come to my blog, and prepare to be overwhelmed with worthy information"! I could seriously be here for hours. I am soooo glad you stopped by to introduce yourself. See you @ Haven!


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