Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our Christmas, in Pictures (2014)

How was your Christmas? I can't believe it has come and gone again. I'm recovering from a virus, so I thought I'd use my "quarantine" time to share some photos from our family Christmas. I hope yours was every bit as special!

We went to the early Christmas Eve service at church, and then welcomed both sides of the family over for appetizers and desserts. 

Obligatory shot under the tree in new Christmas pajamas:

And when the family was gone and the kids tucked in bed, I began the "business" side of Christmas. 

Christmas Morning started with stockings and a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, followed by seeing what Santa left under the tree and opening gifts together. 

The girls each got a new American Girl doll (Samantha for Michaela Byrd and one of the "choose your look-alike" dolls for Natalie), and Harris was most pleased with his baby cell phone. T got some gun part that I ordered online for him and still to this day have no clue what it is. I got a new (gold!) iPhone and a laptop, as the one I am typing on now is almost dead and will go to the kids to do schoolwork on.

While this month was restful for me in that I took time away from blogging, I kept busy with two birthday parties, a trip to NYC, a Nutcracker weekend, helping with a big third grade project, class parties, and prepping for family gatherings. I'm hoping the past two days I spent in bed recovering from this icky virus were enough...it's time to start organizing new toys (and donating some of the old!).

What was your favorite Christmas gift this year?

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  1. Your family posts are always my favorite! I love seeing the girls and now Harris all dressed up for Christmas Eve services and then in their matching pajamas. It looks like all three had a great Christmas. The shot of your mom surrounded by her grandbabies definitely needs to be framed.

    I look forward to what you share with us in 2015!

  2. So happy for you all and your wonderful Christmas Amanda! Your children are so beautiful and cute!!!!


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