Thursday, March 13, 2014

Come Thrifting with Me! {Thrift Store Makeover Finds and Inspiration}

I haven't set foot in a thrift shop since before I had Harris in December. Late nights, busy days, and lugging a baby carrier around doesn't make for easy thrifting. But I had some free time earlier this week, and ducked into our local Salvation Army. I didn't find the china cabinet I was looking for, but I did spot some items that just needed a little TLC to bring a fresh look into someone's home. I love browsing thrift much inspiration for makeovers! Won't you come thrifting with me?

This china cabinet was the first thing I spotted. I'd rip off the weird chain link stuff in front of the glass doors, add new hardware, paint it in a gloss, and add fabric or paper to the interior backing.

This tall, plain chest of drawers may look dated as of now, but with a fresh coat of paint, new hardware, and cool liners for the drawers, it would be an awesome addition to any bedroom.

Lots of old, dull, brown wood on this trip. Here's a credenza with some fantastic storage options. If you look past the scuffs and envision it restained or painted, you have a gem!

How. cute. is. this??

This dining chair (one of a set) needs an updated stain or paint job and some new, modern fabric for the seat. An easy job for a lot less money than purchasing something new at the store!

This dining set screams "1994!" with the hunter green, but I think it's another candidate for rehab.

Old dressers like this, with a fun new color, make great changing tables for a nursery. The top can accommodate a changing pad, plus a basket or bin for diapers and wipes. Deep drawers are great for holding baskets with diaper cream, nail clippers, baby combs, etc.

Pretty sure this guy is screaming for a coat of paint and a modern stencil on the bottom shelf. With some cute bins.

This chair probably used to reside in your great-aunt Helen's family room. But it can have a place in your home with the right paint job and new cushions in an update pattern and color palette. I usually shy away from upholstered pieces because of my crushing fear of accidentally bringing "critters" home, but this piece is pretty awesome.

Here are two more fab chairs...these are for rocking. Great lines.

Which is your favorite? What would be your game plan for its rehab?

Have you made over any thrift store finds lately?

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  1. Those are some great pieces of furniture. I think my favorite is the chest of drawers listed after the china cabinet. I'm curious to know what kind of prices you saw. I have had NO luck finding good deals in thrift stores in Florida. New York I found great deals right and left (although usually not in Goodwill) but not down here!

  2. These are some amazing pieces. I wish we had thrift stores like that here in South Florida.

  3. Those pieces all have quite a bit of potential. Our local store never seems to have much in the way of furniture.

  4. My mom has a variation on that dresser that you suggested as a changing table! I wonder if she's ever considered painting it. I'll have to ask her!

  5. The wooden chair with the cushions has great potential. I saw something similar in a Habitat Restore and was surprised at how comfortable it was. I'm also a bit afraid of bringing home anything with upholstery.


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