Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tip: When to Buy and When to DIY

Aubrey from Dreaming About Someday has some helpful tips for us. Home and craft bloggers are often guilty of seeing something in a store or online and immediately thinking, "I can totally DIY that for less." As Aubrey will tell you, that's not always true! Buy, or DIY? Today, learn when to buy and when to make it!


Hi! I'm Aubrey, and I blog over at Dreaming About Someday. I'm happy to take over the blog for a day while Amanda is on blog leave. My blog, like my life, is a little bit all over the place. I fill my spare (what's that?!?) time with craft projects, among other things. I have "I can make that" syndrome big time! 

Why buy it when you can make it? Well, the problem is, making it isn't always easier, nor is it always cheaper.

A few years ago, my friend and I saw these amazing pine cone glitter trees at TJ Maxx. 

We LOVE glitter, and they seemed easy enough to make. Again, why buy it when you can make it?!?

We made the trees. We tried to gather pine cones, but we got snowed on. We ended up buying the pine cones ($). We also had to buy all the glitter, glue, and spray paint ($). We needed something to attach the pine cones to actually make a tree ($) as well as wire ($). These trees most definitely cost more than the $15 trees at the store.

So, how do you know? When do you make it and when do you suck it up and buy it?

1. Cost comparison (is it really cheaper to make it?)
2. Pleasure factor (do you enjoy making it?)
3. Time with friends (would you rather do a craft or shop?)
4. Time Investment (how long will it take to make?)
5. Memories (sometimes the memories are worth the hassle of making it)

Those trees were a little bit of a pain in the rear to make. We spent hours and hours and a ton of money gathering supplies, spray painting outside in the bitter cold, gluing our fingers together, BUT the memories we made are priceless. It was a couple of years ago, and we still laugh about the trees we saw at TJ Maxx for $15. In hindsight, it may have been better to just buy the trees, but i'm sure glad we decided to make them ourselves.
This was great food for thought, Aubrey! With the new baby, I sometimes have to remind myself that in my stage of life, it is sometimes just easier for everyone if I spend a little extra and purchase an item from the store instead of DIYing. But DIYing sure is fun!

Do you tend to buy or DIY more often?

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