Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Technical Difficulties

So it's not as bad as the photo below, but I had some computer difficulties yesterday that left me very frustrated.
Technical Difficulties

My Sony Vaio laptop battery doesn't hold a charge well anymore, and apparently now the charger is dead. This means my computer sits, dark and lonely on the coffee table. Unused. No emails. No Pinterest. No blog posts. (Thank the good Lord for iPhone Pinterest and email)

$90 later, Sony is sending me a new charger for my almost 5 year old laptop (I decided I'd rather pay a gazillion dollars instead of purchasing a cheapo one from Amazon that may or may not have to be returned). Hoping that the new charger, which is supposed to arrive tomorrow, will be the fix!

It wasn't a great week to have this interruption. I have some work I'm doing behind the scenes with another blogger, an article due on Friday, and some promotional work for a local kids' consignment sale. A week that I really needed my stinkin' laptop to cooperate.

At any rate, I wanted to let you all know why there isn't a "real" post up today. I hope to have a guest post from a blogging friend up tomorrow so you'll have something to inspire you before Friday's Weekend Bloggy Reading link party goes live.

Say a prayer for my computer woes, will ya?

Hope to be back to our regularly scheduled blogging very soon!

Feel free to browse my Projects Gallery for some ideas in the meantime....

A Disgruntled Sony Vaio Owner
(that would be me, Amanda)


  1. ahh good luck with the computer issues - never fun at all!!

  2. Oh, no! I hate when stuff like that happens. It's hard to blog without a working computer. Hang in there!!


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