Monday, January 28, 2013

Easy Valentine's Day Wreath (10 Minutes or Less)

I've got a simple holiday craft for you today. I wanted a cute new Valentine's Day Wreath for our front door, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on supplies. After a quick trip to Dollar Tree, I had the "main ingredient" for my wreath: tinsel. I. love. sparkle. (I am a bit of a magpie.) The store had a whole end-cap with different Valentine themed tinsel garland! I'll show you how to make one on your should take less than 10 minutes.

Simple Valentine's Day Wreath:
Valentine's Day Tinsel Wreath, from Serenity Now

How to Make a Valentine's Day Wreath in 10 Minutes or Less, from Serenity Now

Make a Valentine's Day Wreath with a Tinsel Garland! from Serenity Now

-Wreath Form (styrofoam or natural is fine)
-4 or 5 tinsel garlands
-Coordinating Ribbon


*You may want to spray paint your wreath form beforehand. Mine was already spray painted white to blend with our front door, but the garland covers the form pretty well.*
DIY Valentine's Day Tinsel Wreath Tutorial, from Serenity Now

1. Loop one end of your tinsel garland around the wreath form and tie in a knot. 

2. Wrap the rest of the garland around the form and secure the other end. Repeat with the other garlands until the form is covered. Add another layer of tinsel or hearts on a wire string. 

Your wreath will look like this:
Simple Valentine's Day Tinsel Garland Wreath, from Serenity Now blog

I chose to layer two different ribbons from my holiday stash to hang my wreath:
Layering Ribbon on a Tinsel Wreath, from Serenity Now

If you have a metal door like I do, you can follow my tutorial on how to hang a wreath on a metal door (with ribbon). Super easy, and it works!

And the final look?
Valentine Tinsel Garland Wreath, from Serenity Now
Valentine Tinsel Garland Wreath, from Serenity Now
Valentine Tinsel Garland Wreath, from Serenity Now

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?

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  1. I don't normally decorate for Valentine's Day...but I might this year. I saw those same wreaths the other day at Dollar Tree and thought "Hmmm...". Yours turned out cute (:

  2. I don't normally do a wreath, but might attempt something similiar to yours this year. I am decorating the mantle and piano though.

  3. Very cute, Amanda! I need to hit the dollar store before all the cute Valentine's stuff is gone.

    Have a great week! =)

    ~ Catie

  4. "I am a bit of a magpie." Oh, you make me smile, girly girl!!

    Enjoy your fun, shiny wreath! And thanks for sharing the easy steps to make one!

  5. Christina @ Floridays MomJanuary 28, 2013 at 5:34 PM

    This is so cute! I typically only hang a fall and and xmas wreath. But this is totally something I could whip up quick for little cost. I may have to make one for my love nest.. get nest. Terrible joke, I know! ;)

  6. I am not a crafty person but have seen several friends make cute holiday wreaths from pinterest and say they are easy. I want to give it a try for valentines day and this looks totally do-able! Thanks!!

  7. what a great idea Amanda! love it!!!!

  8. That wreath looks so great up against your beautiful white door!


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