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Embellished Christmas Tree Shirt (Christmas Craft)

I don't often share Christmas projects or posts before the Thanksgiving holiday, but I got so excited about a big Silhouette Black Friday Promotion, that I decided to partner up with them and create a cute Christmas craft to show you guys. You can check in here on Friday morning for the big promo, but for today I hope you'll check out this Embellished Christmas Tree Shirt I made using the flocked heat transfer material. Only very basic sewing skills required (needle and thread).
Embellished Girls' Christmas Tree Shirt, from Serenity Now
DIY Christmas Tree Shirt (Silhouette Craft), from Serenity Now

Here's what you'll need to create your own:
Supplies for Embellished Tee (Silhouette Heat Transfer), from Serenity Now

-Flocked Heat Transfer Material in Red and Green
-Plain T-Shirt (I got two cheap at Wal-Mart. One for each girl)
-Coordinating Ribbon
-Small Buttons
-Needle and Thread
-Silhouette machine (I own the SD)

Before I got started, I pulled the shirt out and decided on a general size I wanted for my Christmas tree shape and letters. Once I pulled my shape up in the software, I simply sent the heat transfer material through the machine, following the manufacturer's instructions on the box.

*Note: If you are cutting letters out, be sure to adjust them so they are sent as a mirror image. I also adjust my SD to print a bit slower than the settings dictate, and I check the "Double Cut" option to be sure the blade goes all the way through.

How to Make an Embellished Christmas Shirt, from Serenity Now

1. Pull off all the negative space from the heat transfer so that only your design shows.
Play with the positioning on your surface until you find a spot you like.

2. Place the shape on your shirt and following Silhouette's instructions for ironing.
The clear sheet should be ON TOP when you iron.

3. Repeat these steps for your lettering.

Your shirt will now look something like this. Cute, but kind of plainish, huh?
Making an Embellished Christmas Shirt with Silhouette Heat Transfer, from Serenity Now

Now it's time to embellish! Grab your ribbon, buttons, scissors, and a needle and thread:
Embellished Christmas Tree Shirt, from Serenity Now

I followed my tutorial for Halloween Hair Bows to make a cute little tree topper with ribbon. It is sewn directly onto the shirt. The button in the center is to cover up all the thread, but it also adds some extra flair:
DIY Ribbon Topper for Christmas Tree Shirt, from Serenity Now

Finally, I sewed little white "ornament" buttons onto the tree. I just eyeballed measuring or marking spaces. They could be hot glued if you were doing this as a framed decor piece, but if this is a wearable project, the buttons must be sewn on.
Christmas Tree Shirt, from Serenity Now

Final product?
DIY Christmas Tree Shirt, from Serenity Now

Times two:
DIY Christmas Tree Shirts, from Serenity Now

These would be super-cute with little jean skirts and fun tights, but Michaela Byrd opted to wear hers with skinny jeans and her brown boots. (Bow from Harper's Hat Box) I have the cutest models:
DIY Christmas Tree Shirt (Silhouette Craft), from Serenity Now
DIY Christmas Tree Shirt (Silhouette Craft), from Serenity Now

The girls have already asked if they can wear their shirts on Christmas Day, which made me feel good about the time I spent putting these together. I think they turned out great!

I should say that while I opted to use a pre-loaded Christmas tree shape for this project, the new Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software is completely amazing and will allow you to cut .svg files, transfer any of your designs into rhinestone templates (this was a biggie for me), convert designs into sketchable art, clip designs using different patterns, modify designs with an enhanced eraser function, and more! It's loads of fun to play with...would be a great thing to ask for as a Christmas gift!

So, if you're like me and wait until after Turkey Day to focus on the Christmas fun, I hope you'll forgive this premature holiday project. I just couldn't hold off. Stay tuned for Friday's amazing Silhouette promo!

Have you started any Christmas projects?

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*Disclaimer: I received the heat transfer material from Silhouette, but I was not financially compensated for this post. All opinions are, as always, my own.


  1. So cute!! I love holiday shirts for my kids but hate paying a lot of money for something they will only wear a few times. I'm seriously considering a silhouette machine. I see so many great uses for it.

  2. Oh, I think my Henry boy needs a shirt, don't you? I still haven't done much of note with the Silhouette. This would be a great project to try.

    You are so creative, Amanda! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Oh wow! Amanda - these shirts are so adorable (your daughters are completely adorable too!!! Such pretty little ladies!) Great tute! Shared, clicked and loved!

  4. So cute! Makes me want to run to wal mart and grab up a bunch of blank t's for the girls!!

  5. Amanda, these are gorgeous! The buttons and the bow on top really make the shirts special and unique. If only I had girls so that I could make cute shirts, too. Not sure my boys could pull off this look! :)

  6. Adorable! I need to save my pennies to get some of that flocked heat transfer material. Thanks for sharing!

  7. You DO have the cutest models!!

    Those shirts are really cute. They look like they would have cost a pretty penny in a children's boutique. Adding the buttons really makes them special.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying your Silhouette machine! I would love to have a craft cutter. . . guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you!

  8. Love it! Ok, I'm making my kids these! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cute! And cute little model. ; ) The shirts turned out great Amanda! Can't wait to see what's coming up Friday. Have a great week! =)

    ~ Catie

  10. Very cute! I love those buttons on the trees.

  11. Wow, that is such a cute shirt! My daughter would love this!

  12. If I had little girls I would so want to make this.....may try one for myself but that would be an awfully big tree! What a lovely little model. : )

  13. That's quite an easy way to create a Tree shirt. Your daughters are so cute. I like their hair bows in both posts although I dont wear hair bows now bit after reading the post I wish to wear like that in my hair.

  14. These shirts are adorable and I love the matching bows. Your girls are really going to enjoy wearing their new shirts over the next few weeks. I'll bet that you'll receive many compliments!

  15. SO adorable, Amanda! The shirt AND your daughter. :) I love the 3D embellishments. They really make the shirt special!

  16. How adorable! I love the ribbon tree topper, it's too cute! Thanks for sharing :)

    Cass x

  17. This is a really cute idea! I will be attempting one now! Thank you!

  18. SO DANG CUTE!!
    (The shirt, and the doll-face you've got there!)

  19. How completely adorable Amanda!! I have to check out that heat transfer stuff!!:) She looks so cute!!

  20. Adorable!! You make it look so easy too! Thanks for sharing Amanda!
    Barbara at Chase the Star

  21. The shirt is adorable and your models are precious!

  22. Oops...model is precious!

  23. I love the shirt and idea but I'd leave the name off. Back in my day, LOL we avoided children's names because of the concern that a stranger could pretend he knew them much easier.
    When I'm making Grandchildren gifts I still avoid their names. Maybe initials could be substituted.


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