Monday, February 13, 2012

My Valentine's Day Decorations (Fake Mantel)

I don't decorate a lot for Valentine's Day, but I couldn't let the holiday pass us by without sharing how I spruced up the top of my TV armoire without spending a dime. We don't have a mantel, so I use the armoire for holiday and seasonal displays. This is my "Valentine's Fake Mantel," put together using stuff I had in my stash...

Exhibit A-

My lantern from Blessings Unlimited. I added some heart ornaments to the interior, and attached the cute hearts on wire (a gift from Domestic Fashionista) to the top:

I also have some cute Valentine's blocks I picked up at the Target Dollar Spot a month or two ago. I stuck those in front of an apothecary filled with glittery styrofoam balls. You might recognize those from Michaela Byrd's Hello Kitty Birthday Party. I love to reuse stuff!

The other side of the armoire is tricky. I keep a small antique trunk up there. I know that seems odd, but my dad refinished it for me as a Christmas gift one year, and we just don't have space for it anywhere else. It is sometimes nice to have it for layering....

And across the front I have some of those country berry bead thingies with a heart garland wound through.

One more, with the dog who insists on being in the shot:

So...nothing that will blow your mind here. I was hoping that if there are any of you who are mantel-less like me, you might pick up a few ideas. You could use the top of a bookcase, a buffet or sideboard...

Did you decorate for Valentine's Day this year?

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  1. I like your display! I didn't do our mantle this year. But I added some photos, subway art, and a bit of garland to our hall table. I think 'less is more' is good for Valentine decor :)
    Have a great Monday! Samantha

  2. Your V-Day display is cute. I didn't decorate for Valentine's day this year either. In hindsight I wish I had done a little something. Oh, we'll maybe next year!

  3. I think it looks awesome Amanda! I love the big plate:) We don't have a mantel and I really don't have any other space that would work like this either. I added some decorations to the edge of our stairs, and we have a few other decorations randomly around the house...but no big display like yours.

  4. I think it looks great! Love the glittery foam. And the dog posing is awesome, lol.

  5. Love it! And I really love your armoire. I'm pretty much sure I'd trade you my fireplace for your armoire.

  6. Looks great!! I have a very narrow mantel and I use it to it's full potential!! Ha!

  7. I love the way you decorate the top of your armoire. Who says you have to have a mantel for a seasonal display? (To tell the truth, I have two mantels, but I almost never change the decor there--I decorate them for Christmas, but not for other holidays.)

    I think pretty much every picture could be better with a puppy in it, but I guess I'm prejudiced. She looks like you gave her treats to pose there! :)

  8. Your armoire looks great and I love that it was free. Cute pictures :)

  9. Can I borrow your adorable puppers to put on my mantel? My mantel would be the sweetest one in all of blogland!
    (Your decor is adorable--especially the beautiful faces of your babies!)

  10. That looks terrific! I love the Dollar Section at Target... I missed the V-Day selection this year!

    Loving your doggie modeling for you!

  11. That looks great! Simple and affordable! I did NOTHING this year... I think when I have kids it'll be easier to get into the decorating spirit for all of the holidays... Maybe? :)

  12. Your display looks so nice. I love how you varied the heights so that you can see everything. Being on the armoir is probably a good thing at your house because it's high enough that your little helpers can't rearrange when you aren't looking!


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