Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's On TV? Listings for Christmas Flicks

I am a bit of a Christmas movie junkie. I wait all year long for the Christmas season to roll around so I can watch some of my favorites: A Christmas Story, A Charlie Brown Christmas, White Christmas, Holiday Inn....

I have a slew of Christmas movies on DVD, but there are some that I have to wait to watch on TV. I find TV Guide's listings difficult to scroll through, and T somehow manages to toss the Sunday paper's television guide before I can check it out.

I found a great website a few years ago that gives a pretty complete list of just about every Christmas classic out there and the days/times/channels they are playing it. This is NOT a sponsored post; but I like the nice, precise way that has everything spelled out for me. If you're looking for a great listing of what will be playing this month, check it out!

I thought it might be fun to revive the Dishing It! party and give it a holiday theme. If you come back on the 12th, I'll have a fun little Christmas survey for you to copy and answer to join the party. I love finding out more about other bloggers, and I can't believe we haven't done this since August!

The party will run from Wednesday, December 15th, through Friday, December 17th. 

For now, I'll leave you with a clip from one of my all-time favorites. How could Ralphie's quest for the ultimate Christmas gift (a Red Rider bb gun) not make you laugh?

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  1. I was just looking at the movie schedule for ABC Family in the back of one of my magazines:) I'm going to set my DVR to record a few for the boys to watch when school gets out!

  2. YAY!!! I've missed Dishing it! Can't wait to party :-) I agree that A Christmas Story is by far the best Christmas movie ever, we always watch the 24 hour marathon on PBS. Haha, love it! :-)

  3. Oh, I am so excited! I've missed your parties! WOO HOO! I am a Christmas movie junkie too! Loooove them! I watch them over and over and over.

  4. I love A Christmas Story. If you ever find yourself up in Cleveland, Ohio you can tour the house they used in the movie. Across the street they converted an old house into a rockin' gift shop! I can't wait to get a leg lamp to display in my front window... My Mom and brother both put one up every year! Nothing says Merry Christmas like "electric sex gleaming in the window"! :)

  5. Thanks for the link!!! I am a huge fan of some of the oldies too! I love Holiday Inn and White Christmas!!! Some of the newer ones are special as well. I haven't found the oldies though so I am SO excited about checking out this new source of info!

    Blessings to you!

    Mary Joy

  6. good to know for when the girls are asking for a Christmas show

  7. Ooo, thanks! I was just thinking that I need to scroll through the DVR guide and set it to record Christmas shows. This will be helpful.
    Love A Christmas Story! We use the word "fra-gee-lay" around here.

  8. Yeah! I'm looking forward to your "Dishing It" party!

    A few girls in my homeroom this morning were telling me how much they enjoy the old Christmas shows. A few especially love Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I like that one, too.

  9. Christmas Story is definitely our family favorite. If you have the ABC family channel they are having a different Christmas movie every night. Tonight I'm watching the Grinch with my 7 year old

  10. What a great post! Thanks for the info!! "Fra-jee-lay--it must be Italian" is one of my all-time favorite movie quotations! Oh, I love Christmas movies!!

  11. My poor kids probably think "fra-jee-lay" is how you really say it because I say that all the time. HA! That's one of my favorite Christmas movies plus It's a Wonderful Life and Christmas Vacation. Last year was the first year my kids watched Christmas Vacation, we were all dying laughing together.


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