Tuesday, January 27, 2015

10 Ways to Organize DVDs {Organizing Tips and Tricks}

It's still January, so it's still "organizing season" in my mind. One thing I've noticed recently is that our DVD collection is a little out of control. My kids seem to own a copy of just about every kids' movie ever made. I hope to pare down some of the discs we don't watch or need...and reorganize the ones we keep. For today, here are some Organizing Tips on Ways to Organize DVDs.
10 Ways to Organize & Store Your DVD Collection! from Serenity Now

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DVDs in Sleeves via Ask Anna

DiscSox  from The Container Store

Popsicle Stick Filing System via Turnstyle Vogue

DVD Binders via Moske Money Business

Chalkboard Labels and Acrylic Bins via IHeart Organizing

Pull Out DVD Shelves via Shelf Genie

DVD Basket via Handbags and Hunters 

Labeled DVD Box Files via Cake for Two

Color Coded Sleeves in Acrylic Boxes via A Bowl Full of Lemons

Alphabetized DVD Basket via Hi SugarPlum

Or, you can use our current system of shoving them in an antique secretary unit and calling it a day.

How do you organize and store your DVD collection?

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  1. Last summer I got rid of all the cases and store all the dvds in a cd binder. I love it! They're in no particular order but the girls don't seem to mind. I blogged about it here:


  2. I love the popsicle stick idea! I've never seen that before.

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