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Second Trimester Pregnancy Must Haves (Mommy's Must Haves List}

Back again with another installment of my Mommy's Must Haves series for new and expecting mamas. All the essentials for pregnancy and baby. You can click here to start the series from the beginning. Today, I'm going to share a list of my essentials for the Second Trimester of Pregnancy.
Second Semester Pregnancy Must Have List, from Serenity Now #pregnancy #musthave #pregnancytips

Here are some of the essentials for your second trimester...on a budget!

Second Semester Pregnancy Must Have List, from Serenity Now #pregnancy #musthave #pregnancytips

1. Body Pillow
There are probably 567 different kind of pregnancy body pillows that you can buy. These are fantastic as your belly grows. You can use it to support your back or your belly, depending on what's achy or uncomfortable.

My best tip? Forget the pricey ones and buy a $15 body pillow from WalMart or Target. If you decide to "upgrade" later on, go for it, but I found that a cheap pillow and pillowcase from WM did the trick. Save the cash and buy yourself a cute pair of shoes.

2. Tums
You may or may not start to experience heartburn in your second trimester. Please consult your doctor first, but mine allowed me over-the-counter Zantac after a certain number of weeks for the really unbearable cases. Otherwise, I stuck to Tums. But be careful not to overdo those too. 

3. Baby Pinterest Board
Yes, now's the time to start a Pinterest board and fill it up with all sorts of tips, projects, and ideas you find as you scour the web. Not ready to announce your pregnancy yet? You can make your board secret! I have a Pinterest board that I dedicated to nursery ideas, baby gear, tips, and more. Feel free to check it out for inspiration and RePins!

4. Maternity Wardrobe
Yep, at some point you're going to start to "show." If this is your second or third baby, you'll be surprised at how much sooner this happens! I have a very thorough older post with all the necessities of a budget maternity wardrobe outlined. Please check it out to see what you'll might be surprised!

Although it was geared towards Fall and Winter pregnancies, you can easily tailor it to Spring or Summer by swapping the pants for capris and going for lighter weight layering pieces rather than heavy sweaters.

5. Diapers
Huh? You're probably wondering why this chick is recommending that you buy diapers during your second trimester. Don't worry, you won't need them. But baby will. And diapers cane be expensive!!

I finally caught on and started buying a pack or two of diapers in my chosen brand (we love Pampers here) every couple of weeks. By the time baby #3 was here, I had a pretty good stash of diapers on hand. I am sure my husband appreciated not being sent out for diapers every other night.

Tip? You probably won't need that many packs of the newborn size diapers. I'd recommend buying maybe two large packs (keep your receipt taped to them!) and then a few in sizes 1, 2. I also love Pampers "Baby Dry" diapers for night time.

6. Announcement
You do not need to send out paper pregnancy announcements. Please, please save your money for diapers, wipes, clothes, baby food, etc. can be fun to do a creative pregnancy for your family, especially if this is your first baby. There are loads of ideas out there. I shared our creative pregnancy announcement to the kids last year on the blog.

And that's pretty much it for the second trimester. If you missed the first trimester tips, you can catch them here, since some of those must-haves you will carry with you throughout your pregnancy.

What are some of your must-haves for the second trimester pregnancy?
Second Semester Pregnancy Must Have List, from Serenity Now #pregnancy #musthave #pregnancytips

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  1. Yay! These posts are right on target for me Amanda, just started my 2nd trimester last week & can already see how these tips are invaluable :-) Thanks for sharing your wisdom!


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