Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to School Advice for Parents and Kids

My girls got their new teacher assignments for the year yesterday in the mail. In between excited phone calls to friends to compare notes, I started compiling a mental list of THINGS TO TELL THEM before school begins next Tuesday. Stuff like "don't-ever-share-a-comb-or-you'll-get-lice-and-die" and "you don't always have to do what everyone else is doing" and "look out for the kids who are lonely or get picked on." And then I thought, why not share some great back to school preparation ideas posts with you guys. Not the cutesy, crafty, teacher gift posts (though I am a sucker for them), but the ones about getting your son or daughter ready emotionally and spiritually for a new year. So, here you go...

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  1. Im on the other side of things- preparing to go back as a teacher! Here are my organizational tips for them:

  2. What a great round-up Amanda! Thanks a bunch!


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