Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fixing a Broken Cake Stand and a Sandal {Quick Fix: Best Glue!}

Before I even tell you what this post is about, I will be sure to say that this write-up is not sponsored in any way! When I get really excited about a product that works well for us, I just have to share it. I found that one of the Elmer's glue bottles I had in my stash is a real worked a miracle with my broken cake stand and a girls' sandal!

Once upon a time, I had a beautiful set of two cake stands from Blessings Unlimited (now Mary and Martha). Because our storage space in this 1970s Colonial is limited, I stored/displayed them in front of the matching platter...way up high above my kitchen cabinets.

A few weeks ago, the platter must have slipped a bit and pushed the smaller, top cake stand right off the cabinets. It fell to the floor with a very loud crash, even scaring our German Shepherd into the other room. The damage looked pretty bad at first glance, and T wanted to dump it in the trash immediately. I held him off, telling him I wanted to try to salvage the cake stand with some glue.

Enter Elmer's Glue All Max...the bottle said it would work on stone, ceramic, metal, wood, foam, and more. I figured why not give it a shot? Because I figured the ceramic was porous, I followed the instructions to wet both side of the broken area before adding glue. I glued the fragments of the pedestal first and let them dry for 24 hours to see how it did. Then I did the same with the top of the stand.

I was 100% impressed with the results! Because I was missing tiny pieces of the pedestal, I wasn't sure that it would even hold the weight of the stand, but this glue foams up to fill in those blank spaces. I let the entire thing dry for another 24 hours before touching it. Still good to go. I doubt I'll use this piece for food again, unless I have a doily on top, but up in its display area, you can't tell that it was broken!

To keep the platter from going anywhere, I stole two bricks from our backyard stash, wrapped them in paper towels, and placed them in front of the platter so it won't slide around and knock the stand off again.

Now for the shoe. Natalie ripped part of the sole of her brand-new (?!) sandals off after just one wear. I added more Glue All Max, held the soles down with clothespins, and let them sit for a few days. Like magic! She's worn the sandals several times since, and those soles haven't budged!

I've always been a fan of Elmer's products (I use their wood glue for home improvement projects), but it was great to see it work in a pinch!

Have you had any quick fixes lately?

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  1. Always lookin' for a good glue, now I will look for this Elmer's.
    In Wally I saw Quick Grip. What interested me was it said "water and weatherproof". So I tried it on my plate wreaths and it really gripped. Don't know long term yet but so far it's a winner!

  2. I need to buy a bottle of this to keep around to have when I need it.

  3. Amanda, I've never seen this glue around--I will look for a bottle of it, believe me! Thank you for the recommendation. I'm a fellow fan of Elmer's products--such great, dependable products. No glitz or glamour; just products that really work! I'm glad you were able to glue your cake stand back together. And the shoe! Might I suggest that the manufacturer of those sandals should use a product like your Elmer's glue in the first place?

    Thanks also for the tip on using bricks wrapped in a paper towel to weight things in place. So simple it's brilliant!


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