Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get Organized with Simplify 101 (Online Workshop Giveaway)

There's something about the spring season that makes many of us want to declutter, spruce up, and live a simpler life at home. That's where my newest sponsor, Simplify 101, comes in. They're offering a free home reference binder to all my readers today, a workshop discount, and one lucky reader will also win a spot in a new Organizing Workshop in today's Giveaway!

If you’re ready for a fresh start and a fun approach to organizing your home, then don’t miss your chance to win this giveaway! The folks at simplify 101 have a brand new workshop, The FUNdamentals of Getting Organized, and they're going to let one winner join in. This online workshop gives you a complete system for organizing your home using simple yet effective principles. Woven throughout the lessons are 20 organizing FUNdamentals-- simple, sticky phrases designed to make the concepts sink-in and stick with you. Keep reading to enter:
Get Organized with Simplify 101 {Workshop Giveaway at Serenity Now}

Founded by Aby Garvey in 2004, Simplify 101 is now a team effort that aims to help you get organized and create meaningful changes in your life. How often do we waste time digging through that pile of papers or box of craft supplies searching for things? Imagine a clutter-free home--reducing your stress levels and freeing up time for what really matters. The simple life sounds pretty good, huh?
Sometimes taking those first steps towards getting organized can be scary and confusing. The Simplify 101 team makes it easy for us with:
  • Free Organizing Printables (Spring Cleaning Checklists, Birthday Party Checklists, To-Do Lists, Wardrobe Inventory, Meals Printables, Freezer Inventory, and more) 
  • Blog with challenges, daily tips, Giveaways, recipes, etc. 
  • The Organizing Tips tab has dozens of great inspirational ideas, laid out (of course!) by categories like Clutter Control, Organized Travel, Holiday Organization, Storage Solutions, and Setting Goals. 
  • Coaching Program specifically geared to fit your needs and budget
  • Online Workshops and ebooks--learn and work at your own pace!

With encouragement, practical advice, and easy to follow steps, the team at Simplify 101 proves that organizing can be fast, simple, and fun.

1 Serenity Now reader will win a spot in the new FUNdamentals of Getting Organized online workshop, starting March 21, 2013:

Presented in bite-sized action steps over six lessons, making it simple to put ideas into practice without feeling overwhelmed. By the end of the program, you’ll have finished organizing projects checked off your to-do list. (Yeah, endorphin rush!) Plus, you’ll have everything you need to organize the rest of your home. Each step of the way, professional organizer Aby Garvey will be there to answer your questions, provide motivation and help you work your way around any obstacles that come up as you organize. This comprehensive program shows you how to organize your home so you can…

• Save time because your home is arranged efficiently. You’ll get your day-to-day tasks done more quickly and you’ll no longer have to hunt for things you can’t find.
• Have more time to spend with friends and family, relaxing and enjoying activities you love to do!
• Save money because you’ll no longer misplace items and have to buy duplicates or replacements.
• Eliminate stress and worry.
• Improve your relationships by alleviating the strain clutter can cause.
• Feel comfortable welcoming guests into your home.
• Enjoy your home, family and life even more!

To enter, please use the rafflecopter widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
DISCOUNT ALERT: Simplify 101 is offering Serenity Now readers 15% off all off all expert-guided and self-paced workshops (and ebooks) in their shop. Enter coupon code SERENITY15 at checkout. This offer is good through March 21, 2013, and can't be combined with other offers.

*Don't forget to download your free home reference binder!

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  1. Thanks so much for the giveaway, Amanda! I could surely use some help in the organizing department!


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