Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Bringin' Sexy Back...

Went shopping with Michaela Byrd today. (It is SO much easier to shop with only one child!) We headed out to DSW to check out the kicks. I wanted a really sexy pair of shoes to wear to the brother-in-law's wedding this weekend. I wanted to find something that would make me feel better about myself, as the dress I found at Macy's obviously did not do wonders for my self-esteem. I was hoping that the perfect pair of strappy stilettos would jump off the shelf into my eager arms, but no such luck. I didn't see anything strappy enough, if that makes any sense. So I settled on this pair from Steve Madden. Not bad. I like the sparkly sequins that are actually pretty subtle. They only shimmer when the light hits them in just the right way. Michaela Byrd approved them, but I think she was only in a hurry to get back in the car and stare at her baby mirror mobile. We shopped hard! All in a good day's work, right?

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