Monday, February 25, 2008

A Blog "About Nothing"

Serenity Through Creativity

Why am I Blogging?
This blog is my happy place. Staying home all day with two kids is enough to up anyone's crazy quota. Blogging is my attempt to branch out a little before insanity takes over. I started writing again to exercise my rusty skills; and even though I might not be examining the works of Milton or Dickens, I'm having fun sharing my experiences with everyone who is so kind to stop by and read. As Frank Costanza would say, "Serenity Now!"

What Do I Write About?
On my blog you'll see my thrifty finds, recipes, attempts at crafty things, musings on everything from fashion to TV, and stories of the slightly organized chaos that is my life. 

What I read:
Aside from finding a spare moment to escape with some great Fluffy Books, I love to read decor blogs and creative crafty blogs (you'll see a bunch of great ones on my Blog Roll!). I adore the community that blogging provides me! When I first became a mom, I gave up on my creative side for awhile, but reading about other bloggers' artistic adventures inspired me to make the most of the home the T family lives in. My latest mission is to take my home from "Blah" to Beautiful, one room at a time!

These are the people I blog most about:

The hubs, known here as "T." I wrote all about why I love him here.

Natalie is my oldest. A bright, funny, budding Fashion Diva.

Michaela Byrd is my little one. A tiny sweetheart with a mischevious side.

Hope you'll stop back by my little blog about nothing!
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